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Vinkara Yaşasın

Vinkara Yaşasın

Yaşasın was produced with the “traditional method” (méthode traditionnelle) that is commonly used to make top quality champagne and sparkling wines. With this method, wines are produced with the secondary fermentation directly in the bottle. As a result, the complexity of the bubbles or effervescence is more pronounced and each bottle is closely monitored and processed throughout each stage of the production process.

For the first time in Turkey, the traditional method was used to produce Yaşasın, a sparkling wine. The other special characteristic of this sparkling wine is that Kalecik Karası grapes, a major grape harvested in the Anatolian region, were processed (Blanc de noir or white from black – a wine produced entirely from black grapes) to produce Yaşasın.

As a rule, champagne and sparkling wines worldwide are produced primarily with France’s most popular white and dark skinned varieties of grapes to include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Blanc. On the other hand, Vinkara decided to produce Yaşasın sparkling wine with Kalecik Karası grapes harvested at their vineyards located in the Kalecik region. Kalecik Karası grapes can also be processed as a white grape so they are an ideal alternative because of the grape’s similarities to Pinot Noir grapes. According to the general consensus when producing champagne and sparkling wines, the Chardonnay grape gives the wine crispness, acidity, purity and can be aged while the Pinot Noir or Kalecik Karası grape provides complexity, body and fullness.

Cherry and bread crust aromas are in the forefront and has a rich acidity and crispness with a long and full-bodied finish.


  • • Ultimate Beverage Challenge, 2012, USA, 90, Excellent, highly recommended, Vintage : 2009
  • • Effervescents du Monde, 2012, France, Silver, Vintage : 2009
  • • Effervescents du Monde, 2013, France, Silver, Vintage : 2010
  • • Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, 2013, Hong Kong, Silver, Vintage : 2010
  • • Ultimate Beverage Challenge, 2015, USA, 90 points, finalist, excellent, highly recommended, Vintage : 2013
  • • Effervescents du Monde, 2015, France, Silver, Vintage : 2013