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Grape: Chardonnay
Denizli / Güney
Dry White Wine
Vintage: 2012
ABV (Alcohol by Volume): %14
Volume: 75 cl
Best Served at: 9-11 oC

Aged for 14 months in château-style 225 liter French Burgundy barrels and then further aged at our wine caves after bottling, our wine is a highly acidic and full-bodied white wine with a long finish.  It has green apple, citrus fruits (especially lemon and peach), fresh cut grass,  tropic fruit aromas, banana and buttery aromas are apparent due to the sur lie method used at the aging process in barrels.


Concours Mondial Bruxelles, 2011, Belgium, Silver, Vintage : 2009
International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2012, UK, Silver, Vintage : 2009
Vinalies Internationales, 2012, France, Silver, Vintage : 2009
Ultimate Beverage Challenge, 2012, USA, 88, Very good, strong recommendation, Vintage: 2009
International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2012, UK, Silver, Vintage: 2009
Chardonnay du Monde, 2013, France, Silver, Vintage: 2010