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25 cl Series

25 cl Series

The fundamental underlying culture of wine makes it a very exclusive product. However, one of the major obstacles of including wine in the daily lives of a large audience of consumers is the traditional viewpoint that wine consumption necessitates sophistication and special rituals.

By introducing a wine series in 25 cl small bottles, Vinkara's objective is to offer wines with a balance of maximum taste and quality to consumers so that it can be more easily preferred and incorporated into their daily wine consumption habits in their homes. Moreover, the small bottles will offer practical and efficient solutions for serving wine at establishments to include restaurants and cafes among others.

Vinkara is proud to introduce its 25 cl wine series to all wine aficionados and wine enthusiasts for a leisurely and pleasurable wine experience at home or on the town - with or without a meal.

For at home consumption:

o Eliminates the need to open a large bottle of wine.
o With it single-use, disposable feature, the need to preserve an unfinished bottle of wine is eliminated.
o The no corkscrew, twist off cap provides practicality.
o Affords the opportunity to experiment with "small" tastes in your quest to experience new wines.
o "Pay for as much as you drink" advantage is attained by eliminating the extra cost paid for a bottle of wine that is not drunk.
o Due to the size of the bottle, affords the chance to taste a different wine during each meal.
o Easy to store at your home due to the size of the bottle.
o Offers practical solutions for serving wine during events to include house parties, garden parties and all other types of special occasions where offering service by the glass is a problem.
o Besides the advantages of consuming wine by the glass or directly from the bottle, the key advantage offered to wine aficionados and wine enthusiasts is the maximum tastes attained as a new bottle of wine is opened each time.

At establishments to include hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightclub, etc.:

o According to the establishment's concept, the wines can be served by the glass or directly from the bottle.

o The opportunity to open a "personalized" bottle of wine each time especially for wine service by the glass.

o Eliminates the costs and storage requirements of large unfinished bottles of wine.

o Establishments can offer more varieties of wine by the bottle because of the cost benefits realized with single serving small bottles of wine.

o Enables for more efficient service and operational needs for wine service because of its no corkscrew, twist off cap feature.

o It must be once again reiterated that the key advantage to wine aficionados and wine enthusiasts is the fact that a new bottle of wine is opened and presented each time.

o Another important point is that a traditional bottle of wine is more difficult to serve and consume at bars and nightclubs. The single serving, disposable twist off cap 25 cl bottle will allow these products to find an advantageous niche in the night life scene.