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Our Vineyards and Production

Our Vineyards and Production

Our vineyards and production...
Vinkara is located on a total of 200 acres of land, with 155 acres allotted for our vineyards and production facilities. Our vineyards are located in Kalecik and benefit from the climate and geographical characteristics of the Anatolian region. Situated in close proximity to the south of Central Anatolia , our vineyards are approximately 650 meters above sea level. Owing to the climate and geographical conditions, the wines are conducive to high acidity and aromas.

Rising 2,000 meters and to the West, the mountains surrounding the vineyards in Kalecik provide microclimate conditions. During sunny periods, the mountains allow the flow of air to the plain and in the spring and fall, the accumulated rain provides a natural water supply for the vineyards. The aforementioned climate carries the same characteristics of other similar regions around the world where grapes are cultivated. The most prominent grape in Kalecik is its namesake Kalecik Karası. As our vineyards are in close proximity to Kızılırmak , ensures that the soil characteristics are conducive for cultivating Kalecik Karası grapes.

60% of Vinkara's vineyards are allocated to Kalecik Karası grapes. Carrying the characteristics of grapes from Anatolia, cultivating Kalecik Karası grapes is the priority, but other Anatolia grapes to include Öküzgözü , Boğazkere and Narince along with world class grapes to include Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Sauvignon Blanc , Chardonnay and Riesling are cultivated.

Our Production Facilities...

Today, Vinkara has a capacity of produce 1,300,000 liters of wine with 1,350 meters allocated for production, 200 square meters for bottling and 360 square meters for our oak barrels and storage requirements. Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment available to the wine industry with an automatic cooling system set at 15 C, ideal for wine maturation.

Considered the initial stage of wine production, the segmentation of the grapes from our assembly line is manned by experts in their field. The selected grapes are then fermented in 72 specially designed, 304 or 306 quality stainless steel tanks with cooling systems conducive for winemaking.
Our bottling capacity is 3,000 bottles per hour and includes a bottle washing and drying filtration and UV system at the start of the line. Our underground 400 square meter humidity and climate controlled cave is equipped with French oak barrels for the aging process of the wines.

Our Laboratory...

Our on premises laboratory at our Vinkara facility is equipped to analyze all aspects of wine production - from improving the grapes genealogy to bottling to aging, thereby raising the bar to ensure that the highest quality of wine is produced.

During the grape development stage, our laboratory has the capabilities to measure the level of brix (sugar) and total acidity. During the critical phases of the maceration and fermentation stages, the density, temperature, total acidity, malic acid, alcohol and sugar analyses among other important tests are conducted. All materials and equipment that come in contact with the wine undergo micro biological dependability tests.