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Our Land is Kalecik

Our Land is Kalecik

Located northeast of Ankara, Kalecik is a region famous and known for its vineyards. Researchers have concluded that the region was inhabited around 3,500-4000 BC, reaching back to the Hittites. It was so named after a fortress built by Bursa Tekfuru during the Roman Empire period. It then came under the sovereignty of the Seljuk's and then the Ottomans. The main source of income in Kalecik is from agriculture. Irrigation is provided from Kızılırmak, located 4 kilometers away, contributing to the ideal conditions for agriculture and farming in the region.

The microclimate created as result of the mountains surrounding the Kalecik terrain, makes it one of the most important centers for viniculture in the world. The air hits the mountains as it rises, creating hot weather in the valley and rain in the plains. The plains are approximately 650 meters above sea level. Because there is a big difference between day and night temperatures, the grapes cultivated in Kalecik have a distinctive taste and aroma. All these conditions that give the Kalecik grapes its unique characteristics were first discovered by the Hittites, the first inhabitants of Kalecik. In fact, during excavations conducted in the region, it was uncovered that the Hittites were involved in viniculture and produced wines.

Anatolian civilizations for centuries have cultivated a variety of grapes, producing wines that became a special part of their lives. Due to religious reasons, during the Ottoman Empire, only Greeks with Turkish descent and Armenians were permitted to produce wine. As a result, Tekirdağ and Mürefte in the Marmara Region, the areas around Izmir in the Aegean Region and Kalecik in Central Anatolia became very important regions and reached high levels. With the formation of the Turkish Republic and the migration of the minority groups, the number of vineyards diminished. However, with the progress of viniculture in the past few years, it has once again gained prominence.

Kalecik is home to the variety of grapes carrying the characteristics of grapes native to Anatolia. Due to the unique weather conditions, the most prominent grape cultivated carries the name of the region: Kalecik Karası. Due to improper agricultural practices in the 1950s, the cultivation of Kalecik Karası was in danger. After studies conducted by the Garden Vegetation Department at the Faculty of Agriculture at Ankara University a few years ago, the cultivation of this grape has enlivened. In the past few years, Kalecik Karası grapes have become the grape of choice by local wine producers. In fact, it has received further attention by the viniculture segment as exports of the grape began.

Vinkara, with its 200 acres of land and 155 acres of vineyards and production facilities in Kalecik plays a major role in the winemaking industry in Turkey.

Today, Kalecik Karası is considered one of the most prominent grape varieties in the world. Because of the high quality and smooth to drink features of the wine are in the same class of other quality wines. The aromas of Kalecik Karası wines are not strong with just the right level of tannins with a soft finish. All these characteristics promise an enjoyable drinking experience for consumers.