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Our Values

Our Values

Vinkara is the name today for the viniculture tradition that has existed on Anatolian soils for centuries. The objective of Vinkara is to bring the tastes of Kalecik Karası , Narince , Öküzgözü , and Boğazkere grapes native to Anatolia along with a variety of internationally known grapes, by cultivating and creating wines that are easily accessible and enrich the enjoyable moments of the daily lives of consumers.

Vinkara's objective to promote Turkey's local grapes...

Vinkara's vineyards and production facilities are located in Kalecik , considered one of the ideal regions for viniculture in the world. Home to fertile soil and pristine nature, it was discovered by the Hittites around 3,000 BC. The mountains that surround the region create a microclimate and the moist air rising over the plain generates rainfall for the vineyards. This climate characteristic is the same as that of the regions around the world where Merlot , Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grapes are cultivated. One of the main reasons for the existence of Vinkara is to evaluate and develop local grapes and promote these products in the international arena. At the same time, Vinkara processes and cultivates international grapes; however the majority of the vineyards are allocated for local grapes. Via our research and development studies, Vinkara aims to reach its highest potential by heightening the quality of its products and carry them forward more each day.

Vinkara's quality wines are easily accessible to all...

No matter for whatever reason that wines have been alienated from the lives our consumers - whether for stereotypical reasons are or otherwise, Vinkara wants to ensure that its wines are easily accessible and aims to reach and re-introduce wines to consumers' lives. Because of Vinkara , high quality wines are now within reach and have enriched the lives of many consumers.

Vinkara enriches the enjoyment of wine...

Vinkara's primary goal is to enrich the enjoyment of wine and by producing wines with high quality local grapes, the pleasures of wine consumption is increased with every sip. Without placing demands on wine lovers and by offering smooth drinking, the rich grape varieties from Anatolia with centuries of viniculture tradition, is carried to the present and future. According to our values, wine consumption is not just limited to meals, special occasions or celebrations - rather we feel that wine consumption enriches all aspects of our lives by vowing spontaneity and healthy living.