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Rockin Red Blog Spring Forward with Vinkara #Wine Spring forward, fall back, what is all this crazy time change business about? The modern understanding of daylight savings was invented by a New Zealander in 1895 and put into practice in 1916. Today it is most widely used in the US, Canada and Europe. We are […]

Pull That Cork

Pull That Cork WINE MAKES OUR LIFE MORE FUN Vinkara Vineyards: Modern Wine from an Ancient History When it comes to wine, I love variety. I have my favorites of course, but am always interested in trying wine from a new producer, a new country or one made from a variety with which I am […]


WineCompass Focusing on the world of wines, beer, and spirits that we experience through our travels at and theCompass Craft Beverage Finder. Vinkara Offers Two Tasty Turkish Wines to the U.S. Market Wines from Turkey are getting more play in the U.S. market and one of these producers is Vinkara. This winery focuses on indigenous […]

Drink Me

Drink Me TURKEY STEPS IN: VINKARA WINERY Scientific studies have proven that some of the earliest winemaking began in modern day Turkey some 15,000 years ago. Taking on that wine heritage is Vinkara Winery, from Kalecik in north-central Turkey, within the ancient region of Anatolia. Best known for their Kalecik Karasi, a red grape originating from and […]


Hogshead A pair of Turkish wines made from Kalecik Karasi With most of my spare time currently dedicated to painting our living and dining rooms, my focus has shifted from historic research to wine drinking.  This week we opened two bottles from the Vinkara Winery located in Turkey.  Founded in 2003, this winery aims to increase international […]

Grape Collective

Grape Collection The Political Troubles and the Incredible Potential of Turkish Wine Two men, accompanied by armed guards, drove through the streets of Southeast Turkey. Explosives litter the air. It very well could have been the opening of the next James Bond movie. But in the seat where the sophisiticated superspy might have sat was […]