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Vinkara produces on a 620-decare planted vineyard area on a total 850-decare land. Kalecik, where its vineyards are located, is located in a very valuable place in Anatolia in terms of climate and geographical features. Vineyards, located a little south of Central Anatolia, at an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level, have the opportunity of high acidity and aroma due to the climate and geographical conditions of the region. The presence of mountains exceeding 2000 meters to the west and surrounding the vineyards creates a special microclimate effect in Kalecik.

While the mountains allow air flow towards the plain in sunny periods, they collect the rain in spring and autumn and create a natural water source for the vineyards. The climate in question It has the same characteristics as the regions where the world’s important grape varieties are grown. Kalecik’s most important grape variety is Kalecik Karası, which takes its name from the district.

The fact that the vineyard area is adjacent to Kızılırmak brings with it the soil properties suitable for the production of Kalecik Karası. Vinkara allocates 60 percent of its vineyard area to Kalecik Karası type. The company, which prioritizes the production of Anatolian characteristic grapes, grows other Anatolian grapes such as Hasandede, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere and Narince in its vineyards besides Kalecik Karası.